i program robots to make them lie (neptunenobody) wrote in chiara_kayce,
i program robots to make them lie

for the record, i AM joking. Kay and i.. we're like.. PHR3NZ 4EVA!111+!11 ;)

K***e (can you guess who?!) can not be with us at this moment in time because she is trying to make her arse BIGGER. now, the logical thing to do, you'd think, is just damn well SIT ON IT. FOREVER. IT'D BE MASSIVE. but no, our young enthusiast has gone to 'work out.' she's pumping the iron, and she's runnin' the laps. and she's crunching her stomache AS WE SPEAK, i BET YOU ANYTHING.

it's a sad state of affairs, ladies and gentlemen. a sad state of affairs. (shakes head in disappointed silence)

KJB: I'm doing some workout to make my ass bigger, that's how vain I am :D
orgsmc k: you're fuckin' weird, mannn.
orgsmc k: ;]
orgsmc k: who the hell wants a BIGGER arse?
KJB: lmao, me... the little white girl without one :D
*orgsmc k: awwww
orgsmc k: that's just so damn cute, dude
orgsmc k: i want a smaller arse.
orgsmc k: but i'd like my body to be in scale with my arse.
orgsmc k: so i want a smaller body, too. :D
orgsmc k: gee. that was un-neccesarily long-winded.
KJB: lmao


KJB: anyway, I'm going to go workout ;P
orgsmc k: WORK out?!
orgsmc k: you sad fucker.. ;p

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