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we are the champions.

a crash course in grooming

chiara & kayce
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we created this community in tribute to ourselves, because we're damn cool like that.

there are no rules. post anything. post about our rockingness. post rants, prose, pics, artwork, jokes, randomness, anything.

if you want to make a post introducing yourself then go for your life, we'd love to hear from you. if not, don't. it's all up to you. ;)

the kids

Some people call me JoJo..

Some people call me sexy..

Some call me a pirate..

And some call me bo-peep..

You can call me whatever you want, though. I'm a little white, southern girl from the good ol' US of A.. Georgia. I'm 14, but age is really only a number in my case because I have been told I am "ahem" quite intelligent for my age. I like to goof around a lot, if I'm not being snobby. Well, I'm pretty cool and hate describing myself.. thanks for checking out our community. :D

<3 Kayce:

Drum-roll please... My wife.. CHIARA!!!

enjoys her own company. incessant smoker. seventeen. australia.